Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"The Prodigies" Film Trailer

On Friday we will be posting our next blog entry based on the suggested categories from our Call for Papers. But first, here is the first of our accompanying short entries showing some of the wealth of international superhero material that is out there.

This is the trailer for the film The Prodigies, a co-production between France, Britain, Belgium, Canada, India and Luxembourg. So, with this international, largely European background, why is the film set in the United States? Are superheroes perceived as so distinctly American that such superpowered narratives have to be set there? As we will demonstrate with our examples over the following weeks, this is clearly not always the case, so why is it the case with The Prodigies? And why an English-language title, and some on-screen English text, when the rest of the trailer is in French?

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