Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mr and Mrs Incredible (San kei hap lui)

Dir: Vincent Kok. China/Hong Kong. 2011. 100 mins


Mr and Mrs Incredible is a Hong Kong comedy film about a pair of married superheroes who decide to retire. The film was released during the Chinese New Year festival, which as it's a national holiday, is one of the key periods for cinema going in China. An interesting thing to note is that this film is supposed to be set in Feudal China. These kind of historical periods are typical for martial arts and wuxia films, where characters typically have remarkable physical skills. Certainly it could be argued that the wuxia hero is somewhat similar to the superhero; both honouring a code of chivalry, while fighting for what is right and helping the poor and oppressed. On this basis it doesn't seem strange to place superheroes in this kind of context.

Here's the attractive-looking website for Mr and Mrs Incredible, but if you don't read Chinese there is probably little point visiting.


This is in contrast to many Bollywood film websites which frequently incorporate enough English to be understandable for those of us who don't speak the right language.

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